Halloween, 2017

What's hot this season? Star Wars costumes for dogs and TMNT are still popular. New this year - Game of Thrones inspired King and Queen of Bones, some fun new Zelda costumes, Ghostbusters characters, Minions, and some great new classic costumes andhorror movie faves. Check out what's new and what's popular!

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Train your dog to wear a costume

dog with santa hatAfraid that costume won't stay on long enough to snap a photo? Follow these easy training steps and dress your dog for success!
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Costume ideas by dog breed

dog wearing a king costumeChihuahua, Golden Retriever, or Bulldog - all different in size, shape and temperament. No matter what the breed, we have the perfect costume!
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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun celebration - but hidden dangers can make it quickly turn into a nightmare for you and your pet. Don't let this holiday turn scary for real - read our helpful tips for keeping your dog safe from the most common Halloween dangers.