Beagle Costume Ideas

*Typical costume size: Medium

Costume fit challenges and advantages: No real challenges - Beagles are a pretty average, "easy-to-fit" size and shape. Whether or not your Beagle will deal well with being dressed up is another matter.

Beagles are one of the easiest breeds to clothe, though maybe not always the most willing! Taking into consideration the Beagle's aptitude for hunting and field trials, we've picked a few costumes with a sports theme, along with a few generally fun custumes for medium-sized dogs. For dogs less into the fashion scene, try hats/bandannas or the "dog rider" costumes.

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*(costume size and fit can vary widely for individual dogs even within the same breed. If you have any questions, we recommend you take advantage of the merchant's live help feature or call their 800 number to ask before making an online purchase)