Dachshund Costume Ideas

*Typical costume size: Small.

Costume fit challenges and advantages:

  • Long body, short legs. Costumes with a lot of fabric in the body will be a problem - either avoid them or plan to modify ("take in") the costume or it will be constantly under your poor dog's feet! If you want something ready-to-wear, look for jacket/cape style dog costumes and cute hat/collar/wristband combos.

Short on legs but long on personality, the amiable dachshund is a lot of fun to dress up for Halloween.

If you're looking for "do it yourself" costume ideas, some of the cutest homemade costumes we've seen in our costume contests for long-bodied dogs are ... vehicles. Yes, vehicles - trains, buses, school buses, even airplanes!

Best bets: Cape or jacket style costumes, hats, bandannas and wristlets. And of course, what would be more appropriate than the classic Hot Dog costume?

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*(costume size and fit can vary widely for individual dogs even within the same breed. If you have any questions, we recommend you take advantage of the merchant's live help feature or call their 800 number before making an online purchase)