German Shepherd Dog Costume Ideas

*Typical costume size: Large, Extra Large for some individuals.

Costume fit challenges and advantages:

  • Deep chest and long body. Some costumes large enough to accomodate a deep-chested dog will be too big around the neck for your Shepherd. Don't go by neck measurement in choosing a costume or you'll probably end up with one that's too small.
  • Hats - typical, erect German Shepherd ears are a challenge to some hat styles. Avoid hoods and wide hats, look for something that can fit between the ears. On the plus side, it's pretty easy to keep a hat on a Shepherd if the hat's strings have a loop at the top for the ears.

Some GSD's may be less than thrilled at the idea of dressing up in a fancy, fru-fru costume. If that's the case with yours, may we suggest something simple like a hat, bandanna or one of the Dog Riders costumes? (Which is basically just a harness with a figure attached to it).

Is your dog more willing to play the costume game? Even if he's just a household pet he probably dreams the same heroic dreams as his career-dog counterparts, working law enforcement and search and rescue.

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*(costume size and fit can vary widely for individual dogs even within the same breed. If you have any questions, we recommend you take advantage of the merchant's live help feature or call their 800 number to ask before making an online purchase)