Labrador/Golden Retriever Costumes

*Typical costume size: Large, Extra Large for some individuals.

Costume fit challenges and advantages:

  • No major challenges - the moderate proportions, drop ears and affable nature of both breeds makes them easy and fun to dress up in just about anything!

If you're planning to dress up your Lab or Golden this Halloween, lucky you! The sweet and sociable disposition of both breeds makes most of them willing participants in whatever game you want to play, including "dress up". They are also among the easiest of breeds to fit, though you will need a larger size or an oversized costume style if your dog is (ahem) a little on the "fluffy" side.

So the question becomes: what to wear? Both Goldens and Labs love the water, so perhaps a seafaring costume like a sailor or a pirate would be appropriate. Or a sports-related costume, as befits their Sporting Group affiliation - a football or baseball player. If you want to show off their skills as a hunting companion, try the Army Grunt camoflage costume and add one stuffed toy duck.

For the girly-girl dogs, a cheerleader, 50's girl or the Big Dog Princess may be just the outfit to get that tail a-wagging!

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*(costume size and fit can vary widely for individual dogs even within the same breed. If you have any questions, we recommend you take advantage of the merchant's live help feature or call their 800 number before making an online purchase)