How to Resize Your Photos

halloween dog

For best results, we recommend that the photos you submit have dimensions of no more than 600 pixels by 480 pixels and that the file size of the photo is no more than 100Kb.

You can control the image dimensions by cropping or resizing a copy of your photo. Sometimes this is enough to bring the file size within the limit. If not, you may also have to optimize your image. This is sometimes referred to as adjusting the quality or compression of an image file.

Image editing programs, such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Corel, have built in tools to help you do this. Don't have photo editing software? Don't despair - here are some free alternatives that you can try!

Picasa - Part of the GooglePack suite of software, Picasa is a great image organizer and editor which you can download for free. This versatile program's features include photo editing tools, photo organizers, web albums, email, printing and photo backup (archive) wizards, and fun tools which let you create movies, slideshows, screensavers and collages from your photos!

Webresizer - online photo editing - This is a nifty little tool we found online. To use it, simply browse to the photo on your computer and click "upload". The next screen shows you an optimized version of your image, along with information about its height, width and file size.

If you need to adjust the height, width or filesize, you can do so in the boxes below. To adjust the filesize, set the Image quality to a lower number.

Once the file is an acceptable size, click on download this image to save. Webresizer can be found at

Microsoft Photo Editor - If you're running some version of Microsoft Windows, this simple photo editor probably came installed on your computer. It doesn't allow you to compress (reduce the file size) an image, but it does allow you to crop (trim unwanted areas from the sides, top and bottom of you photo) or resize (change the dimensions of an image) your photos. Both these options are available from the Image drop-down menu.

When finished, be sure to do "save as" to keep your edited image with a new name so you don't overwrite your original!