2009 Pet Halloween Costume Photo Contest!

Our 4th annual pet costume contest

dog halloween costume
The hilarious, not to mention VERY creative "Tails of Mother Goose" costume
was the winner of our 2008 Halloween Pet Costume Contest.

Enter and vote on your favorites now!

Is your pet a star? Enter our contest to have your best photo of your dog, cat or other pet wearing a costume featured on this site and get a chance to be voted one of our 2009 top 10 pet costume photos!

Costume Contest Dates:

Photos will be accepted September 10, 2009 through November 1, 2009, when the contest ends, however no photos will be posted for voting until October 1, 2009.

How to Enter:

There are two ways to submit photos for our contest:

1) You can upload a photo yourself (highly recommended) by clicking the "Submit a photo" icon on the contest pages or by clicking on this link. Your image will appear in the gallery pending our review and approval (which can take up to 72 hours)

Photos to be uploaded must be 100 Kb (100,000 bytes) or less, recommended dimensions no more than 640x480. Here are two free online services that can help you optimize a copy of your photo:


2) Or E-mail your photo with your pet's name(s) and a brief description of their costume so we know what they are dressed up to be (just in case we can't figure it out) to:


Note: There will be a delay in posting emailed photos

By submitting your photo, you agree to the terms and conditons of this site and to the contest rules (below).

Important: About Image Sizes

For best display in the photo gallery, we recommend an image size of no larger than 600 pixels wide and/or 480 pixels high.

You may not upload images larger than 100Kb (kilobytes, approximately 100,000 bytes) in size . You can make your photos smaller using the "compress" or "optimize" feature found in most photo editing software. This tutorial may help - How do I resize my photos?

If you really REALLY can't resize your photos yourself, you can submit them by email, however there will be a delay in posting photos which need to be resized.

Contest Rules:

- This is a pet costume photo contest - no people, pets only, please!

- Only submit original photos you have taken yourself. If we catch you submitting someone else's work you will be banned from the contest.

- Maximum 5 photos per person.

- We reserve the right to resize and edit photos and to reject or delete without notice photos which we feel are innapropriate or otherwise objectionable, do not adhere to the contest rules, or are in violation of copyright.

- By submitting photos, you grant us permission to display them on this site (BestDogCostumes.com ).



You may vote for your own photos and ask your friends to vote too (as well as send in their own pictures! ). We do however ask that you not vote excessively - anyone submitting an unusual number of votes or voting to the point where they jeopardize our hosting servers will be banned from the site!

Voting is done by rating the photo on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the top rating.

Remember, this is a FUN contest - please be considerate!


At the end of the contest the top 10 photos by rating and number of votes will be announced and will remain in the gallery for bragging rights. In the event of a tie, we reserve the right to choose the placements.

Additionally, each week our favorite pet costume photo, chosen from those submitted during the previous week, will be posted on the home page of this site!


Good Luck to All!