Quick and easy dog costume ideas*

*(For pets who hate to dress up!)

  1. Hats and decorative head bands - easy to find and most dogs will tolerate wearing them well, at least for a little while, and you're sure to find something on our hats and collars page! In a hurry? Tie a bandana over your dog's head like a kerchief or use a child's party hat.

  2. Bandanas - Buy a pretty bandana ... or make one yourself.

  3. Make a cape - Take a square of fabric large enough to drape over your dog's back. Fold over the end and sew (or use fabric glue), leaving enough room to thread her collar through it. Voila - instant cape!

    If you need some help keeping it in place, add a belly band with a strip of fabric and some velcro.

  4. Viva Le Glue Gun! - Take that cape a step further and embellish it with your trusty glue gun! Sequins, felt or plush fabric shapes, glitter ... the sky's the limit!

  5. Collar/leash bling - you don't have to settle for basic nylon or leather if you know where to shop! You can find beautiful collar and leash combos in every imaginable material and design, as well as collar charms to add some "bling" to that collar!

  6. Pet Jewelry - yes, jewelry for your pet. Everything from costume jewelry to real pearl necklaces.

  7. Have them carry something - does your dog retrieve or like to carry things in her mouth? One year I had my dog carry her own pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket.

  8. When all else fails, tell people your dog is ... dressed up as a dog!